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Bulletin Board and Handouts Policy

Affirmed April 22, 2014

The purpose of posting flyers or making handouts available in the Library is to provide a centralized place for the community to access information about local educational, cultural and service-oriented programs. The Library will not accept for display or distribution commercial, personal, political campaign or profit-making information.

All items for display or distribution will be submitted to the Library for approval and display. The placement of posters and handouts shall be at the discretion of the Library..

Only display racks supplied by the Library will be used. A designated staff member will post and remove items.

Unsolicited items which do not meet the Library’s criteria will be discarded. Unauthorized items which have been posted will be removed and discarded.

Display space is limited. Items will be displayed for a limited period of time and removed by Library staff in order to make room for newer items. Items which are removed will be discarded.

Items on display or available for handout do not imply endorsement by the Library or Town. Individuals wishing to register a complaint about the Bulletin Boards policy or about items on display should contact the Library Director.

Community Bulletin Board

The Library will display posters providing information about events and issues in the following order of priority based on space available. Items are not accepted for permanent display.

1. Friends of the Wethersfield Library. 2. Pertaining to Wethersfield Town Government. 3. Wethersfield non-profit organizations and schools. 4. Wethersfield non-profit events. 5. Other Connecticut libraries. 6. State and federal government information. 7. Cultural, literary or consumer information. Handouts

The Library will accept handouts of the above types of materials and multiple copies of local newspapers or magazines of an objective or general nature as space allows. The Library will not accept for distribution campaign literature for individual candidates or political issues but will keep one copy on file for reference. No items will be accepted for continuous distribution.

Digital sign

Information about Library programs and services will be displayed on the Library’s digital sign board. Information about Friends of the Library events will also be displayed.

Door Signs

As a general rule, signs will be posted on the door only to inform the public of a holiday closing or emergency closing. Signs will not be posted to advertise events. Groups may not post signs on the door or in the Library.


The distribution of petitions, solicitations of signatures, canvassing or surveying of patrons by outside groups is not permitted.

Solicitation of donations

Canisters or other receptacles for the purpose of soliciting monetary donations, other than for the Library, are not permitted.


Approved by the Library Board October 29, 2002
Affirmed, September 26, 2006
Revised March 23, 2010
Revised December 6, 2011
Affirmed April 22, 2014