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Deselection of Materials Policy

(formerly Discards Policy)
revised April 22, 2014

It is the goal of the Library Board to maintain an inviting, up-to-date collection of materials because research has shown that the use of library materials drops of significantly and rapidly the older the material becomes. The Library Board shall strive to comply with the American Library Association recommendation that annual withdrawals from the basic collection shall average about 5% of the total collection.

Books and other materials are withdrawn from the Library collection for the following reasons:

1. condition 2. availability of superseding editions 3. out-dated or inaccurate information 4. multiple copies no longer needed 5. lack of use

Decisions will be based on accepted professional practice, such as those described in The Crew Method*, and the professional judgment of the library director or designated staff.

Standard titles of lasting value and materials of special local interest shall not be discarded.

Withdrawn materials may be offered to the Friends of the Library for sale at its book sales.

Withdrawn materials shall not be reserved for individuals. However, withdrawn materials may be offered to charitable, historical and educational as well as public institutions if it is determined that they would be useful to those institutions.



Approved by the Library Board September 24, 2002

Affirmed, October 25, 2005
Revised August 26, 2008
Revised October 25, 2011
Affirmed April 22, 2014