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Library Board Library Director Relationship Policy

Employment of the Library Director

The Library Board, at its discretion, may appoint a Library Director for the Wethersfield Library. This individual shall serve as chief executive for the Wethersfield Library, providing management and operational leadership for the Library, and advice and guidance for the Board of Directors, including assistance with the governance process. The Library Director is a respected voice within the Board and shall be considered an ex officio member of the Board. S/he shall be an ex officio, non-voting member of the Library Board and will attend all meetings. S/he shall be accountable for – and have the authority to – direct the day-to-day operations of Wethersfield Library’s affairs. The Library Director shall manage and direct all activities of the Library within the limits and direction established by the Library Board. The Library Director shall have the power to hire and discharge agents and employees of the Library.

Delegation to the Library Director

The Library Board delegates management and policy implementation to the Library Director, and the Director is authorized to act. However, it is assumed that the Library Director always acts within acceptable boundaries of prudence and ethics, as articulated through Board policies and through commonly accepted understanding of best practice and caution. Only the Library Board, by majority vote, has authority over the Library Director. No other officer, committee, or individual Board member may direct or intervene in the decision- making, actions or authority of the Library Director. It is recognized that the Library Board, its Board members and committees may request information from the Library Director. However, these requests shall not compromise the authority of the Library Director. The Library Director shall establish policies and procedures, make decisions, take action, and develop all activities to fulfill the mission of Wethersfield Library, within the policies and limitations established by the Library Board. At any time, the Board—and only the Board – may take back areas of the Library Director’s authority. The Board and Library Director shall discuss such action prior to the change. And until or unless the Board takes such action and informs the Library Director, the Board supports the delegation to the Library Director. • All Board authority is delegated to staff through the Library Director. The Board understands that this is one of the fundamental boundaries that must be carefully maintained1. The Library Director serves as the Library Board’s link to organizational operations and staffing. The Board holds the Library Director accountable for effective staff performance. • The Library Director shall establish procedures to assure continuity and effectiveness of the organization’s operations. Operational policies and procedures must be known and available to all employees. • Neither the Board, its committees nor officers shall give instructions to employees or volunteers who report directly or indirectly to the Library Director.


1 This statement is not intended to conflict with legal and regulatory requirements such as the Whistle Blower requirement in Sarbanes-Oxley. • The Board shall have no hiring, firing or appraisal authority over any Wethersfield Library employee other than the Library Director.

Library Director Limitation:

• The Library Director shall not perform, allow to be performed, or cause to be performed any act which is unlawful or counter to regulations, does not meet commonly accepted business and professional ethics and practices, violates implicit or explicit specifications by donors, or conflicts with policies established by the Library Board.

Monitoring Library Director Performance:

The Board shall monitor the Library Director’s performance through the following activities: • Library Director job description that is reviewed in accordance with the Wethersfield Library’s due diligence outline. • Annual performance appraisal process. • Role of the Library Director in organizational accomplishments and results. • Internal reports and external reports and audits as stipulated by the Wethersfield Library’s due diligence outline. • Wethersfield Library adherence to its Board-adopted policies, as implemented by the Library Director.

Approved by the Library Board May 23, 2006
Revised June 27, 2006
Affirmed January 28, 2014

Developed by Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE Quoted from and adapted from John Carver, Boards That Make A Difference, Jossey Bass Publishers