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Library Cards Policy

Revised July 28, 2009

Library card eligibility

Every resident of Wethersfield is eligible to receive a library card from the Wethersfield Library at no charge.

Library cards for children

1. Children are not required to have a parent present or to obtain a parent’s signature in order to receive a library card.

2. As a courtesy to parents, the parents of children who are issued library cards will be notified by mail that their children have received cards. Parents have the option of canceling their children’s library cards if they choose to do so.


As a participant in the ConnectiCard reciprocal borrowing program, the Wethersfield honors library cards from all Connecticut public libraries.

Courtesy cards

1. A one time courtesy loan will be offered to non-Wethersfield Connecticut residents who do not have a card from their hometown library.

2. The non-resident’s borrower privilege will expire at the same time as the due date of the items.

3. For future loans, the non-resident must use his/her hometown library card.

Library cards for temporary residents

1. People who are residing in Wethersfield temporarily may be issued a temporary library card.

2. The library card will be dated to expire when the person plans to leave town.

3. People requesting temporary library cards must register their permanent address with the Library.

4. Temporary residents whose permanent address is another town in Connecticut must obtain a library card from their hometown library and use that card at the Wethersfield Library.

5. Temporary residents whose permanent address is out of state will be asked to show identification.

Approved by the Library Board
April 29, 2003

Revised May 23, 2006
Revised July 28, 2009