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Library Loan Policy

Revised August 25, 2009

The mission of the Wethersfield Public Library loan policy is to provide people with materials in a timely manner, and to encourage them to return the materials that they borrow so they will be available for others.


The Library Board has established overdue fines as a way to encourage the timely return
of materials. Fines are not charged to punish borrowers nor to generate revenue. Fines vary according to the type of material borrowed. Fines are charged only for days that the library is open.

There is no mail notification of fines owed. Borrowers who owe $10.00 or more in overdue fines have their borrowing privileges suspended and are unable to borrow more materials until the fine owed is less than $10.00.

Borrowers are notified by mail, according to an established schedule, of items that are overdue. If after being notified, a customer still does not return overdue items, the library sends the borrower a replacement bill for the unreturned items. If the borrower does not pay the replacement cost and the items remain overdue, the library may request the assistance of a collection agency in retrieving the missing items. The borrower’s loan privileges are suspended until the billed items are returned or until the borrower pays the replacement cost for the items.


The care of library materials while on loan to a borrower is the responsibility of the borrower. If material is lost while on loan to a borrower, it is the responsibility of the borrower to pay the replacement cost of the lost item.

If an item on loan to a borrower is damaged so badly that the library determines that the item is no longer fit for loan, the borrower will be charged the replacement cost of the item. If the borrower pays for a damaged item, s/he may keep the item after it is deleted from the database. If an item is no longer available for purchase, the borrower will be charged the out of print price established for that type of material. The borrower has the option of purchasing a new copy of the item and bringing it in. The borrower is not charged for items that have worn out.

At the discretion of the Library Director, fines and fees may be waived when warranted.

Approved by the Library Board
October 29, 2002
Affirmed August 22, 2006
Revised August 25, 2009