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Lost or Damaged Materials Replacement Price List

Revised December 4, 2012

In print

Charge current replacement price

Out of print prices

Adult Books
Hardcover books
Trade (quality) paperbacks Fiction


$ 30.00

$ 17.00


$ 21.00

Mass market paperbacks

$  9.00


Children’s Books

Hardcover books

$ 20.00

Trade (quality) paperbacks

$ 12.00

Mass market paperbacks

$  7.50




cover price or $7.50






Adult Audio books
CD Abridged


$ 35.00

CD Unabridged

$ 70.00


Children’s Audio books

On CD                                                                                    $ 35.00
MP3                                                                                       $ 50.00

CD’s                                                                                                       $ 20.00

Playaway view                                                                                    $100.00

Missing audio book pieces: the following prices are charged if replacement parts can be purchased. If not, the borrower is charged the replacement price for the full set.

Missing cassette                                                                   $  7.00
Missing CD                                                                           $ 10.00

Other missing parts (case, inserts, disks) to music CDs, DVDs: the borrower will be charged the replacement cost of the entire item. The borrower may keep the item after paying the replacement cost.


The borrower has the option of purchasing and replacing the item as long at it is in the same format/edition.


Approved by the Library Board October 29, 2002
Revised August 22, 2006
Revised June 24, 2008

Revised December 4, 2012