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A Library Legacy

The Wethersfield Library has benefited from the donations of many people over the years.

The first library in Wethersfield, the Union Library Society of Wethersfield, was organized in 1783. It was a subscription library and
people donated 20 shillings to become a member and four shillings a year to participate.

In 1866 Chauncey Rose, a former Wethersfield resident, gave a gift of $3,000 to the Library which then became the Rose Library. It continued as a subscription library until 1893 when it merged with the free Wethersfield Public Library being established by the Town.

People have continued to donate funds to the Wethersfield Library over its long history. These donations take many forms: gifts, bequests in wills, memorial donations made in memory of deceased friends and relatives and donations honoring people’s anniversaries, birthdays or achievements.

Why the Library Has an Endowment Fund

The goal of the Library Board for the Endowment Fund is to improve and enhance the Library. The Endowment Fund provides income for critical needs that go beyond the operating funds provided by the Town.

Endowment dollars do not replace the Town’s traditional tax-based support. Endowment dollars support programs that the Town is unable to finance but which would be of considerable value to library patrons. It is through private gifts that services are enriched.

The Endowment Fund is a long-term investment fund. Your gift will be placed in the Endowment Fund and each year the interest will be used exclusively for the benefit of your Library. The principal will never be used, thereby guaranteeing the perpetuity of the fund. A perpetual contribution to knowledge---that’s a powerful contribution.

A gift to the Wethersfield Library is a true community gift. As the Endowment Fund grows, so will the Library’s ability to serve future generations. It assures that the Wethersfield Library will remain the vital cornerstone of the community that it is.

Donations made to the Wethersfield Library are used for the exclusive benefit of the Library.

How to Give

There are two ways for you to make your gift to the Endowment Fund: either through a direct donation or by including a bequest to the Library in your will. You can choose the option that works best for you.

A Direct Gift

A direct gift donation can be made at any time to the Endowment Fund.

Donations can be made as tributes for a variety of occasions, including anniversaries and birthdays, or to memorialize a loved one. The Library provides acknowledgements to the honoree or to the family of the deceased. Donations to the Library are tax deductible.

A Bequest

A charitable bequest for the Wethersfield Library may be inserted into your will when it is written or revised. Regardless of the size of your estate or your charitable bequest, the full value of your gift may be deductible against federal estate taxes.

Before making any gift it is advisable to consult with your attorney or tax advisor. Working with your financial advisor, you may be able to structure your gift so that it
significantly benefits your tax and estate planning. Donors of bequests may choose to be recognized through the Wethersfield Library Legacy Society.


Endow Wethersfield Library Today for your community’s benefit tomorrow

You are invited to add your name to this legacy. Your generosity will make a difference in the life of the Library. Support of this vital institution should not fade. We cannot afford to take the Library for granted.

Tax dollars pay for a good library, but the Wethersfield Library Endowment Fund pays for a great library. By giving to the Wethersfield Library Endowment Fund you create something of lasting value for your community.


The Wethersfield Library Legacy Society

The Wethersfield Library Legacy Society has been founded to recognize those who have made plans for a future gift to the Wethersfield Library. Individuals who have included the library in their wills are eligible for membership in the Library Legacy Society.


For more information regarding the Endowment Fund please contact Brook Berry, Director of the Wethersfield Library

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