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January 26, 2010
June 17, 2014

Role of volunteers

The Wethersfield Library welcomes the use of volunteers to enhance library service to the community.  The Wethersfield Library shall use the services of volunteers to supplement the efforts of paid library staff in providing quality library service and to serve as a method for encouraging citizens to become familiar with their library and its services.

Services provided by volunteers will supplement, but not replace, regular services and volunteers will not be used in place of hiring full or part-time staff.  Volunteers may be used for special events, projects and activities or on a regular basis to assist staff.

Selection and retention of volunteers

Volunteers will be selected based on a completed volunteer application form, an interview, their qualifications, their ability to commit to a consistent schedule of volunteer hours, and the needs of the library at any given time.  The Library Director and staff shall use their discretion in determining the appropriate use and retention of volunteers. 

In the event that a volunteer is not able to adequately perform the duties assigned to him or her, the library will make an effort to reassign the volunteer if another suitable volunteer position exists at that time.  A volunteer selected for work on a special project will discontinue service when that project is completed, unless other arrangements have been made.

Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all library information and  are expected to conform to all policies of the Wethersfield Library and the rules outlined in the volunteer handbook.

Training and supervision

Volunteers will receive training in their assigned duties from a library staff member under the direction of a department manager.  Volunteers shall work when adequate supervision is available.  Work schedules and specific time commitments will be arranged individually by each volunteer and his or her supervisor.




Volunteers may apply for paid positions under the same conditions as other outside applicants. 

Staff as volunteers

In accordance with labor laws and the policies of the Town of Wethersfield, paid staff may not volunteer their services to the Library except with written permission from the library director. 

The Friends of the Wethersfield Library

The Friends of the Wethersfield Library is a separate organization which supports the library in many ways.  The Friends may recruit volunteers for various activities of the organization, including book sales and special projects. 

Wethersfield Library Board

Library Board members play an important role serving on the Wethersfield Library Board. Their volunteer service in this capacity is vital and is greatly appreciated


Approved by the Library Board
January 26, 2010
Affirmed June 17, 2014