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Revised April 24, 2012

The Wethersfield Library maintains a site on the Internet that reflects the Library’s mission.

External links on the Library’s website are selected to help enrich and complement existing print and non-print collections, to provide access to information that would otherwise be unavailable to Library customers, and to facilitate efficient use of the Internet and other electronic resources by Library customers. 

Library staff will select links to non-commercial sites in accordance with generally accepted professional standards.

Links will be made to databases to which the Library subscribes. Links to other commercial sites must be approved by the Library Director. 

The Library makes every effort to find the most useful and up-to-date sources; does not guarantee that all possible relevant web sites on the topic are included; is not responsible for information beyond the site; cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information on linked sites and does not endorse any product described or advertised by the linked site.

Approved by the Library Board
March 23, 2004
Revised September 23, 2008
Affirmed July 24, 2012