Book Club Resources

The Wethersfield Library staff is happy to help you with your book club reading needs. When requesting a title for your club, we ask all book clubs to observe the following guidelines:

1. Please wait until a book is off the best seller list before choosing it for your book club.

2. Please pick titles that were released at least 6-12 months ago.  It is very difficult to get new, highly popular titles.

3.  Have a substitute title.  Once a title has been requested by one club, we are unable to order the same title for another club for the same month.

4.  Find out how many of your members will need a copy of the book.

5.  Please place your requests about 4 weeks prior to the date you will discuss the book.

6.  Please request only one title a month for your club.

Thank you very much! Please call 860-257-2811 if you have any questions.


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