New Books - April 2014

We have a variety of new books available, including new Fiction, Graphic Novels, Mystery, Romance, SciFi, Nonfiction, Paperbacks and Audiobooks.


Author Title Call Number
Archer, Jeffrey Be careful what you wish for  NEW FIC ARCHER                           
Benson, Angela Delilah's daughters  NEW FIC BENSON                           
Cabot, Amanda With Autumn's Return  NEW FIC CABOT                            
Campbell, Rick The trident deception  NEW FIC CAMPBELL                         
Cook, Robin Cell  NEW FIC COOK                             
Frank, Dorothea Benton The last original wife  NEW FIC FRANK                            
Green, John The fault in our stars  NEW FIC GREEN                            
Grippando, James Black horizon  NEW FIC GRIPPANDO                        
Harrison, Kim The undead pool NEW FIC HARRISON                         
Hatvany, Amy Safe with me  NEW FIC HATVANY                          
Helprin, Mark Winter's tale  NEW FIC HELPRIN                          
Hummel, Maria Motherland  NEW FIC HUMMEL                           
Jacobs, Anna, In search of hope  NEW FIC JACOBS                           
Kline, Christina Baker Orphan train  NEW FIC KLINE                            
Lafferty, Mur Ghost train to New Orleans  NEW FIC LAFFERTY                         
Lee, Ashton The reading circle  NEW FIC LEE                              
Macomber, Debbie Blossom Street brides  NEW FIC MACOMBER                         
Mallery, Susan Evening stars  NEW FIC MALLERY                          
Meyer, Philipp The son  NEW FIC MEYER                            
Millar, Martin The Anxiety of Kalix the Werewolf  NEW FIC MILLAR                           
Morley, Isla Above  NEW FIC MORLEY                           
Pavone, Chris The Accident NEW FIC PAVONE                           
Quindlen, Anna Still life with bread crumbs  NEW FIC QUINDLEN                         
Radziwill, Carole The widow's guide to sex and dating  NEW FIC RADZIWILL                        
Rieger, Susan The divorce papers  NEW FIC RIEGER                           
Sala, Sharon The Curl Up & Dye  NEW FIC SALA                             
Samson, Lisa The runaway saint  NEW FIC SAMSON                           
Stachniak, Eva Empress of the night  NEW FIC STACHNIAK                        
Steel, Danielle Power Play NEW FIC STEEL                            
New Mystery
Author Title Call Number
Bradley, Patricia  Shadows of the past  NEW MYS BRADLEY                          
Brekke, Jorgen Where monsters dwell  NEW MYS BREKKE                           
Briggs, Patricia Night broken  NEW SCI FI BRIGGS                        
Camilleri, Andrea Hunting season  NEW MYS CAMILLERI                        
Christopher, Adam The Burning Dark  NEW SCI FI CHRISTOPHER                   
Coben, Harlan Missing you  NEW MYS COBEN                            
Faherty, Terence Eastward in Eden  NEW MYS FAHERTY                          
Jance, Judith A. Moving target  NEW MYS JANCE                            
Liskow, Steve The night has 1000 eyes  NEW MYS LISKOW                           
Parks, Brad The player  NEW MYS PARKS                            
Patterson, James NYPD red 2  NEW MYS PATTERSON                        
Perry, Anne Death on Blackheath  NEW MYS PERRY                            
Price, Daniel The flight of the silvers  NEW SCI FI PRICE                         
Robotham, Michael Watching you  NEW MYS ROBOTHAM                         
Walker, Martin The Resistance Man  NEW MYS WALKER                           
New Paperbacks
Author Title Call Number
Aaronovitch, Ben Broken homes  NEW PB MYSTERY A                         
Adams, Ellery Pecan pies and homicides  NEW PB MYSTERY A                         
Brown, Carolyn Brown, Carolyn NEW PB ROMANCE B                         
Carr, Robyn Carr, Robyn NEW PB ROMANCE C                         
Dees, Cindy Dees, Cindy NEW PB ROMANCE D        
Fennell, Judi Fennell, Judi NEW PB ROMANCE F                         
Hunter, Jillian Hunter, Jillian NEW PB ROMANCE H                         
Johnston, Linda O. Teacup turbulence  NEW PB MYSTERY J                         
Leigh, Allison Once upon a Valentine  NEW PB ROMANCE L                         
London, Julia The trouble with Honor  NEW PB ROMANCE L                         
Maxwell, Cathy The bride says no  NEW PB ROMANCE M                         
Michels, Elizabeth Must love dukes  NEW PB ROMANCE M                         
Rose, Karen Watch your back  NEW PB MYSTERY R                         
Shalvis, Jill Once in a lifetime  NEW PB ROMANCE S                         
Swanson, Denise Swanson, Denise NEW PB MYSTERY S                         
Wilde, Darcie Lord of the Rakes  NEW PB ROMANCE W                         
Author Title Call Number
Burris, Carol Corbett On the same track  NEW 371.2 BURRIS                         
Chesler, Phyllis An American bride in Kabul  NEW BIOG CHESLER, PHYLLIS                
Conner, Cindy Grow a sustainable diet  NEW 635 CONNER                           
Cook, Kevin Kitty Genovese  NEW 364.15 COOK                          
Diblik, Roy The know maintenance perennial garden  NEW 635.9 DIBLIK                         
Eckel, Sara It's not you  NEW 302 ECKEL                            
Epley, Nicholas Mindwise NEW 152.4 EPLEY                          
Finkel, David Thank you for your service  NEW 362.86 FINKEL                        
Gross, Michael House of outrageous fortune  NEW 974.71 GROSS                         
Hayhurst, Dirk Bigger than the game  NEW BIOG HAYHURST, DIRK                  
Horowitz, Richard Why can't I get better?  NEW 616.92 HOROWITZ                      
Hyman, Mark The blood sugar solution 10-day detox diet  NEW 613.25 HYMAN                         
Kirn, Walter Blood will out  NEW 364.152 KIRN                         
Kleon, Austin Show your work!  NEW 650.1 KLEON                          
Liversidge, Cassie Homegrown tea  NEW 641.53 LIVERSIDGE                    
Mahoney, Rosemary For the benefit of those who see  NEW 371.91 MAHONEY                       
Matthews, Martin S iPad for seniors  NEW 004.165 MATTHEWS                     
Murphy, Kevin A few Murphys from Brockton  NEW BIOG MURPHY FAMILY                   
Nixon, Kelsey Kitchen confidence  NEW 641.597 NIXON                        
Parker, Emily Now I know who my comrades are  NEW 302.23 PARKER                        
Sebald, W. G.  A place in the country  NEW 700.92 SEBALD                        
Senior, Jennifer All joy and no fun  NEW 306.874 SENIOR                       
Sims, Michael The adventures of Henry Thoreau NEW BIOG THOREAU, HENRY DAVID           
Smith, Eric  The geek's guide to dating  NEW 646.77 SMITH                         
Vincent, Leah Cut me loose  NEW BIOG VINCENT, LEAH                   
New Audiobooks
Author Title Call Number
Adler-Olsen A conspiracy of faith  NEW AUDIOBOOK CD ADLER-OLSEN            
Bradley, Alan The dead in their vaulted arches  NEW AUDIOBOOK CD BRADLEY                 
Carr, Robyn The newcomer  NEW AUDIOBOOK CD CARR                    
Gardner, Lisa Fear nothing  NEW AUDIOBOOK GARDNER
Mankell, Henning A treacherous paradise  NEW AUDIOBOOK CD MANKELL                 
McBride, James The good lord bird  NEW AUDIOBOOK CD MCBRIDE                 
Liane The husband's secret  NEW AUDIOBOOK CD MORIARTY                
Nussbaum, Susan Good kings, bad kings  NEW AUDIOBOOK CD NUSSBAUM                
Scalzi, John Redshirts NEW AUDIOBOOK CD SCALZI                  
Scottoline, Lisa Accused NEW AUDIOBOOK CD SCOTTOLINE             
Tan, Amy The valley of amazement  NEW AUDIOBOOK CD TAN                     
Trigiani, Adriana The Supreme Macaroni Co.  NEW AUDIOBOOK CD TRIGIANI                


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