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    Free eBooks

  • Baen Books - This science fiction and fantasy publisher is making some of its titles available digitally. New titles are being added regularly.
  • Digital Book Index - This site means to be a meta-index for most of the major eBook sites.
  • - Free registration allows unlimited access to HTML eBooks and access to five eBooks per month in PDF or txt formats.
  • Google Books - 3 million free eBooks as well as titles for purchase.
  • Inkmesh - A search engine dedicated to eBooks.
  • ManyBooks - 29,000 titles in assorted formats and languages.
  • Munseys - 20,000 titles in twelve formats.
  • Online Books Page - All titles are free. Must be read online.
  • Project Gutenberg - All eBooks can be freely downloaded. No registration required.

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