Online Job Applications

How to Use the Internet to Look for Jobs

Things you need to know when applying for a job online

Create a new email address for your job search correspondence. Use your first initial last name ( if possible. Cute email addresses ( will not be helpful in a job search. These types of emails are usually filtered as spam.

Companies often demand that you apply online or send them via email your resume. If you must email your resume be sure to email a copy to yourself. This is very important. If something is wrong with your attachment you will find out and be able to make a correction. You will also want to include a cover letter. If you are unsure about emailing your resume then experiment by emailing to yourself. What you see is what the recipient will see. This is a good way to catch mistakes.

Print a copy for your records of any online job applications that you submit.

Remember. If you have to paste a copy of your resume into a box on a company website be sure it is in the .txt format.


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