Online Job Applications

How to Use the Internet to Look for Jobs

Resumes - Creating them for online and email use

The big two job search sites, CareerBuilder and Monster, include resume help and samples on their websites. Microsoft Word includes resume templates. Your best bet is to borrow a resume book from the library and create your own. Always include a cover letter with your resume even when submitting online.

Save your resume in at least two forms (formats).
Save as .txt You will be able to paste this online. (sometimes known as the ascii resume)
Save as .doc For print versions of your resume. This version
might be more elaborate.

.doc is the standard file type of Microsoft Word-all versions up to 2003. In Word 2007 and Word 2010 the default standard is .docx. This has the potential to cause problems. If you are using Word 2007 or 2010 be sure to save as .doc. Then everyone you send your document to will be able to open it.

Also be sure to save a separate copy of your resume in the .txt format. You will need this if you have to paste your resume on the internet. If you paste a .doc (or docx) document it may become scrambled or lose it's formatting. Always copy and paste a .txt file.

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