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Being Henry David

Mark of the Thief

The Ruby Circle

Miss Mayhem

Ghosts of Heaven

Vanishing Girls


Author  Title Call Number
Armistead, Cal Being Henry David NEW TEEN PB ARMISTEAD C
Aveyard, Victoria Red Queen       NEW TEEN FIC AVEYARD
Caletti, Deb        The Last Forever NEW TEEN FIC CALETTI
Delasega, Cheryl     Girl Wars: 12 Strategies to End Female Bullying TEEN 302.34 DELASEGA
Ganda, Martin  I Will Always Write Back              Coming Soon
Gardner, Olivia                          Letters to a Bullied Girl           

Coming Soon

Hall, Maggie    The Conspiracy of Us NEW TEEN FIC HALL
Hartman, Rachel Shadow Scale  NEW TEEN FIC HARTMAN
Hawkins, Rachel Miss Mayhem 

Coming in April, 2015

Hile, Lori Getting Ahead Coming Soon
Hunter, Nick    Money in Sports          Coming Soon
Kantor, Melissa Maybe One Day NEW TEEN FIC KANTOR     
Lieberman, Leanne Off Pointe        NEW TEEN PB LIEBERMAN L
Lorentz, Dayna                          No Dawn without Darkness NEW TEEN PB LORENTZ D
Mead, Richelle    The Ruby Circle          NEW TEEN FIC MEAD
Meyer, Stephenie    Bullying under Attack  Coming Soon
Nielsen, Jennifer Mark of the Thief        NEW TEEN FIC NIELSEN
Niven, Jennifer    All the Bright Places        NEW TEEN FIC NIVEN
Novak, Ali       My Life with the Walter Boys   


Oliver, Lauren Vanishing Girls            NEW TEEN FIC OLIVER
Paige, Danielle Dorothy Must Die NEW TEEN PB PAIGE D
Paige, Danielle The Wicked Will Rise  NEW TEEN FIC PAIGE
Sedgwick, Marcus The Ghosts of Heaven        NEW TEEN FIC SEDGWICK
Witmer, Scott               Sports and Society

Coming Soon

Young, Suzanne   The Remedy   

Coming in April, 2015