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Author  Title Call Number
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn The Naturals NEW TEEN FIC BARNES
Bernard, Cecelia Inside Divergent: the Initiate's World TEEN 791.43 BERNARD
Block, Francesca Lia Teen Spirit NEW TEEN FIC BLOCK
Brashares, Ann The Here and Now Coming in April, 2014
Carlson, Melody First Date NEW TEEN PB CARLSON
Cass, Keira The One Coming in May, 2014
Clare, Cassandra City of Heavenly Fire Coming in May, 2014
Clark, Kristin Elizabeth Freakboy NEW TEEN FIC CLARK
Demetrios, Heather Something Real NEW TEEN FIC CLARK
Gresh, Lois H.  The Divergent Companion TEEN 791.43 GRESH
Han, Jenny To All the Boys I've Loved Before Coming in April, 2014
Healey, Karen When We Wake NEW TEEN PB HEALEY
Kaufman, Amie These Broken Stars NEW TEEN FIC KAUFMAN
Klass, David Grandmaster NEW TEEN FIC KLASS
Lynch, Chris Little Blue Lies NEW TEEN FIC LYNCH
Mlynowski, Sara Don't Even Think About It NEW TEEN FIC MLYNOWSKI
Oliver, Lauren Panic NEW TEEN FIC OLIVER
Parsons, Mark Huntley Road Rash NEW TEEN FIC HUNTLEY
Rutkoski, Marie The Winner's Curse NEW TEEN FIC RUTKOSKI
Scott, Elizabeth Heart Beat NEW TEEN FIC SCOTT
Smith, Jennifer E.  The Geography of You and Me Coming in April, 2014
Taylor, Laini Dreams of Gods and Monsters Coming in April, 2014
Vivian, Siobhan The List NEW TEEN PB VIVIAN
Waller, Sharon Biggs A Mad, Wicked Folly NEW TEEN FIC WALLER
Zarr, Sara Roomies NEW TEEN FIC ZARR