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Choyce, Lesley
Deconstructing Dylan 2006 (TEEN PB C )
Dylan Gibson’s interests are that of someone much older than his 16 years. Why? When he finds a photo of himself as a child he begins to suspect there is more to his identity crisis that he thought.

Colfer, Eoin
The Supernaturalist 2004 (TEEN PB C )
A group of boys plan their strategy for defeating the blue Parasites that are feeding on humans. It is believed these parasites take the energy of dying people. But what if they have been lied to? What if the parasites actually remove pain?

Davidson, Ellen Dee
Stolen Voices 2005 (TEEN PB D )
Everyone must have a talent. If yours is not found, you will be forced to be a servant. Can Miri find the courage to escape her fate? Discover what is lost when free will is taken.

Hautman, Pete
Hole in the Sky 2001 (TEEN PB H )
A rebellious cult has killed most of the world’s population by releasing the influenza virus. Those who survive suffer extreme sensory abnormalities. Can a mystical transformation into a new earth happen or is this a delusion resulting from the infection.

Lowry, Lois
Messenger 2004 (TEEN PB L )
Outsiders were once welcome, but now residents of the Village are trying to stop people from entering their community. Caring members are turning cruel and selfish, paying for all they desire with their souls.

McNaughton, Janet Elizabeth
Secret Under My Skin 2000 (TEEN PB M )
The year is 2368. An environmental disaster of epic proportions has sent scientists to concentration camps. While the earth struggles to survive, ordinary people are called upon to collect data, perform tests and take responsibility for the survival of the planet.

Stahler, David
Truesight 2004 (TEEN PB S )
In a futurist blind society, 13 year old Jacob is able to see after several migraine headaches. What he sees disturbs him. He must decide between surgically causing his blindness to return or fleeing to a sighted but uncertain future.

Wooding, Chris
Storm Thief 2006 (TEEN PB W )
The island city of Orokos is in chaos. Probability storms threaten the well-being of its citizens, while the government furthers the demise of its people.


Books in Series:

Westerfeld, Scott
Uglies 2005 (TEEN PB W )

Titles in series:

Uglies: Prior to their 16th birthdays, “ugly” girls are turned into “pretty” girls. How far will Tally go to become pretty?

Pretties: Is the desire to be pretty worth the risk of becoming an experiment?

Specials: Tally must now pay the consequences of her decisions. Transformed into a “special”, she must destroy her former homer hometown.

Extras: Can Tally stop the ideology that beauty is everything?

Patterson, James
Maximum Ride 2005 (TEEN FIC PATTERSON ) (hardcover)

Titles in series:

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment: A genetic experiment has created “birdkids”: 98% human, 2:% bird. The engineers decide they must by destroyed so the world doesn’t find out.

Maximum Ride: School’s Out — Forever: The birdkids have escaped their doom, this time. But, as they begin their new life at school, a conspiracy begins to unfold.

Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports: The birdkids race to save others from experimentation and extinction.

Maximum Ride: The Final Warning: Still running from those who want to destroy them, The birdkids travel to Antarctica to save the planet from environmental disaster.