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Teen Read Week - Books with a Beat


Block, Francesa Lia
Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys 1993 (TEEN PB B)
A mystic Native American permeates four friends with the courage to form an unusual punk band.

Clements, Andrew
Things Hoped For 2006 (TEEN PB C)
A music student tries to solve the mystery of her missing grandfather.

Kidd, Ronald
On Beale Street 2008 (TEEN FIC KIDD)
A fictitious account of the discovery of Elvis Presley.

Noal, Han
Born Blue 2003 (TEEN F Nolan)
In this edgy novel, Janie dreams of becoming a famous singer to escape the harsh reality of her life in a foster home.

Tucker, Lisa
The Song Reader 2003 (FIC Tucker)
Mary Beth practices an art she calls song reading. Clients come to her to find the meaning of a song they cannot get out of their head. Her song reading “gift” leads to uncovering the secrets of others.

Westerfield, Scott
The Last Days 2007 (TEEN PB W)
Five quirky teens come together to form a ‘New Sound’ band whose music seems to have paranormal power.

Yolan, Jane
Boots and the seven Leaguers 2000 (J Yolen)
Gog, a troll, begins work as roadie in a rock and roll band when his little brother goes missing.

Yolan, Jane
Troll Bridge: A Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy 2006 (TEEN FIC Yolen)
Sixteen year old harpist Moira is transported to a mystical wilderness where she encounters a fight for survival among the woodland creatures.

Woodson, Jacqueline
After Tupac and D Foster 2008 (TEEN FIC WOODSON)
Struggling to survive the turbulent world of Queens, New York, three teenage girls cope by listening to Tupac Shakur’s music.