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Urban Fiction


Buckhanon, Kalisha
Upstate 2005 (TEEN PB B)
Antonio and Natasha are deeply in love and long to escape their tiny apartments in Harlem. When Antonio is arrested for murder, Natasha’s commitment to him is reflected in the letters they exchange for more than a decade.

Davidson, Dana
Played 2006 (TEEN PB D)
An unpopular girl is “played” by a handsome, charming, fraternity
seeking classmate. After she sleeps with him, the entire school learns
of it. He feels terrible about what he did. Can he make her trust him

Draper, Sharon
Hazelwood High Trilogy : (TEEN PB D)
1.) Tears of a Tiger
A high school basketball star (Gerald Nickleby) struggles with guilt
and depression following the drunk-driving accident that killed his
best friend.
2.) Forged By Fire
Gerald Nickleby desperately tries to protect his little sister from their drug-addicted mother and abusive father.
3.) Darkness Before Dawn
High school senior Keisha Montgomery is shaken after the recent
suicide of her boyfriend. She tries to find comfort in another
relationship, only to have to fight off his attempt at raping her. Can
she find the strength to heal her emotions?

Pena, Matt de la
Ball Don’t Lie 2005 (TEEN PB P)
“Sticky”, 17, has been abused by his mothers boyfriends all his life.
His only hope to get out alive and make something of himself is to
get a basketball scholarship. Will his dreams be destroyed by his
home life?

Shakur, Tupac
The Rose That Grew From Concrete 1999 (TEEN 811 SHAKUR)
Written by the rapper before he was famous, the poetry is passionate,
sometimes angry, and often compelling.

Woods, Brenda
Emako Blue 2005 (TEEN PB W)
Set in South Central L.A., gangs, drive-by shootings, and drugs are
prevalent in daily life as four teens try to make something of

Woodson, Jacqueline
After Tupac and D Foster 2008 (TEEN FIC WOODSON)
Struggling to survive the turbulent world of Queens, New York, three
teenage girls cope by listening to Tupac Shakur’s music.